Oggi Ť la storia di domani - Today is tomorrow's history. With every day, minute or second that passes, new history is being created. Moments as we witness them pass by in the blink of an eye, never to return again. This is the reason why I love photography. Beautiful, unique and special moments can be captured and framed, and are frozen in time to remain forever.

With my photography I hope to convey some of the beautiful or touching scenes that I have witnessed. I hope that by looking at these fractions of frozen time, people will for a moment think of the beauty that lies in the smallest things, and of the precious time that we get to live only once.

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Nikon D70s 18-70 - the camera I use
Trust PowerCam 770Z Optical Zoom - the camera used for some of the older pictures
Paint Shop Pro 7 - editing program
PostcardViewer - flash image viewer used on the seperate albums
HaloScan - comment system
WinSCP - FTP client

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